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Purchasing a home

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Purchasing a home

Your purchase agent
in Rotterdam

Do you have your dream house in sight? We are happy to guide you in buying your new home with our expertise, experience and knowledge. Hiring a purchase agent will ultimately save you time, strengthen your position in negotiations and will protect you from any unpleasant surprises or costs.  


the search for your perfect home

Professional purchase guidance and support

Even if have not found your dream house yet, we are at your service. As a buying agent in Rotterdam we have access to the latest houses available on the market. We will take the search process out of your hands. We will guide you during the entire process of the purchase. Smooth and quick handling without worries, as it should be!

Step by step

Find your new home in 7 steps

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1. Exploring your housing wishes

During a first exploratory meeting, we will map out your housing requirements and wishes. What are you looking for? We also take a look at the financial possibilities, so that we can put out a targeted search. Did you find your dream home? Then we will guide you through the rest of the purchase process.

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2. The home search

When we have drawn up a clear search profile for your housing wishes, your purchasing team will start looking for you. During our search we look at both the public and private markets. We approach other brokers, homeowners and investors.

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3. The viewings

During the first and second viewing we will accompany you to view the house. We take a closer look and look, for example, at the state of maintenance, the structural condition and the possibilities for any renovations or development. We also take a look at any legal issues there may be.

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4. The negotiations

Have you found your dream home? Then we will enter the negotiations with the selling party. A buying agent looks after your interests and ensures that you pay the best price with the right conditions.

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5. The sales contract

When we agree on the price and terms, we will receive the contract of sale confirming all the agreements by the selling agent. We will check with you whether everything is on paper as agreed and if you have any questions about the legal terms, we will explain them to you.

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6. Settling the financial aspect

After signing the sales contract, you can now arrange the financing. Our independent mortgage advisor Yvonne will look with you at which mortgage suits your wishes and lifestyle best.

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7. The transfer at the notary

On the day of the transfer, we will also be there for you. Before you go to the notary, we 'inspect' the house. This way you are guaranteed that the property is still in the same condition as when you bought the house and that all agreements have been fulfilled. Afterwards we go to the notary for the transfer of the keys.

personal, yet professional 

Full-service with a smile

A new home is an exciting step. That is why you want to hire a reliable and professional real estate agent who will guide you through the entire process. Lankhuijzen Makelaars has the knowledge and experience to expertly guide you in the purchase of your new home. Please contact us to see what we can do for you. Call us at 010-4114166 or mail to

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