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selling a property

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in Rotterdam

Selling your home is quite a step and we will be happy to guide you through the process. Lankhuijzen Makelaars ensures a smooth handling of the sale of your home at the most favourable conditions.

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Recently sold

Treubstraat 14 A, Rotterdam Treubstraat 14 A, Rotterdam Sold
Treubstraat 14 A, Rotterdam
€ 297.500 k.k.
Avenue Concordia 50 B, Rotterdam Avenue Concordia 50 B, Rotterdam Sold
Avenue Concordia 50 B, Rotterdam
€ 395.000 k.k.
Treubstraat 14 B1, Rotterdam Treubstraat 14 B1, Rotterdam Sold
Treubstraat 14 B1, Rotterdam
€ 239.500 k.k.
Van Cittersstraat 40 A, Rotterdam Van Cittersstraat 40 A, Rotterdam Sold
Van Cittersstraat 40 A, Rotterdam
€ 575.000 k.k.
Beukelsweg 78 A, Rotterdam Beukelsweg 78 A, Rotterdam Sold
Beukelsweg 78 A, Rotterdam
€ 525.000 k.k.
Van Keulendreef 16, Bergschenhoek Van Keulendreef 16, Bergschenhoek Sold
Van Keulendreef 16, Bergschenhoek
€ 1.250.000 k.k.
Rubensstraat 28 B, Rotterdam Rubensstraat 28 B, Rotterdam Sold
Rubensstraat 28 B, Rotterdam
€ 295.000 k.k.

selling your property

At home in Rotterdam

The advantage of a local real estate agent is of course the knowledge of the housing market. Add to that the fact that we always go the extra mile for our client and that we aim for the best result. That is what we call a successful sale. When you work with Lankhuijzen Makelaard, you do not have to worry about negotiations or any other aspect involved in the process.

step by step

Selling your home with Lankhuijzen

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1. Getting to know us

During a non-obligatory meeting we will take a look at your house and make a realistic estimate of the value for sales. We also look at the possibilities to bring your home to the attention of potential buyers in the best way possible.

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2. Preparing for the sale

When you decide to work with us, we will draw up a sales plan so that you know what to expect. We will then set all wheels in motion for you. Is your house ready to be photographed? Then we call in professionals who will capture your home in descriptive pictures. 

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3. Our marketing efforts

We will promote your property on Funda, our own website and via our social media channels. From photos for a brochure to video for online use, we bring out the big guns. We use various platforms to look for a suitable buyer for your home. We will settle the start-up costs once your property has been sold.

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4. The viewings

Together with you we will plan the viewings with potential buyers. We prefer to have them view the house as soon as possible. Of course we will inform you about each viewing. Throughout the process we keep in touch with interested parties.

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5. Negotiations

An exciting moment for you, but thankfully our professional agents do this every day so we know what to expect. We know the market and your situation. We always aim to achieve the best results for you. We always negotiate on your behalf.


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6. Signing the sales contract

When agreement is reached on the price, we draw up the sales contract confirming all the agreements made. We will check with you whether everything in the contract is as agreed upon. We will walk you through the contract and if you have any questions about the legal terms, we will explain them to you.


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7. Going to the notary

On the day of the transfer at the notary's office, we will also be there for you. Before you go to the notary, we inspect the property together with the buyer. If all is well, we will go to the notary for the final transfer. Your home is now officially sold!

selling your property

No nonsense, result-driven and with a personal touch

This is how we deal with the sale of your property. We prefer to plan viewings the very next day. We want to show interested parties around as soon as possible. As a professional sales agent in Rotterdam it is our goal to sell your home successfully. 

Team Lankhuijzen

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